A thing to do

As I come to think of it. I don’t have many friends that have a hobby they like doing just for the fun of it. Almost all the people I know are not really ready to sacrifice so much time in some activity that has no apparent benefit.

There are two reasons I write this article. The first is a friend of mine who likes playing the guitar, for which I admire him a lot. He has been playing for 5 or 6 years and he’s pretty skilled as I watch and hear him. However, a recent video that he posted on YouTube just stunned me:

I’m just amazed how good he has gotten at playing the guitar, just because of the love of music. He never boasts about being a good guitar player, because the thing he brings him joy the most, as he once said to me, is “shredding”.

The second reason is another friend of mine, a classmate, who had seen this picture I had made recently. The conversation was around the borders of this:

-Sooooo, did you do this picture?

-Yup. It was me all right.

-And how long did it take to finish it?

-Well, I think five or six days.

-:expression relaxes: OK. I was worried you were going to say several weeks.

-Uum, it took me five days, because I had already created the mask; if I hadn’t, it would have taken me weeks.

I was happy that he recognized and liked my picture, and also that he recognized me as someone able to make it. Making pictures is my hobby, for which I’m ready to sacrifice a lot of time and nerves, just so I can visualize the idea that is floating in my head.

In real life I don’t like keeping things only for myself; I like to share objects and experiences with other people, so I could have pleasant memories later. The same holds true when it comes up to my art. It’s true that I like getting exposure and hearing nice things from people about how they like my work. Hearing the compliments feels good, but I don’t want to boast; I want to share my work because I don’t see a point in keeping it for myself. I’m able to make these pictures because I was inspired by a whole lot of other artists, that had shared their work.


36 thoughts on “A thing to do

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