Summer through nixp’s eyes

I’m excited, for tomorrow I’m holding my first exhibition in the town’s Art Gallery “Petko Churchuliev”, but I guess I should start from the very beginning.
I decided that my first try should be the local art gallery; I’m a bit interested in art, but I only know art as computer-generated images and the most famous pieces of art, that every person from my social stratus should know. Also, since the gallery is operated by only one woman, I thought I could be of some help there, and so I started my quest…
To this day (5.7.2011) I have been a volunteer at the gallery for three weeks, and have been helping the curator to organize the posters that were still not documented. To be exact, what we do is place a poster on a tripod and shoot it so it could be included in the gallery’s database of works of art. Also, the repository where all the framed pictures hang was too messy and unordered, so my “job” consisted in arranging the pictures according to their author and labeling them. It wasn’t the most creative work, but at least I grew more confident about climbing a ladder.
An interesting part of my experience in the gallery was the fact that I convinced a friend of mine to come with me and get her to know what I do and spread awareness about the gallery. I was very happy about her coming, for I must admit it – things often tend to get boring after an hour, when there is only two people (me and the curator, who, by the way, is the age of my grandma).
And now the reason why I’m excited. It happened that the exhibition that the gallery was hosting ended, and the gallery had to stay empty, since there was no other exhibition to be hosted. Then I and my friend came up with the idea to make and exhibition using the pictures from the gallery’s repository united under the common theme “summer”. We picked up 49 pictures of which we used 34. The curator came up with a name for the exhibition – “Лятото в другите очи” – (it’s the Bulgarian equivalent of “Summer through the other eyes”). The interesting part of all this, for me, was that the curator offered us to make a public event where we announce the exhibition in front of an audience. For the first half an hour I wasn’t really sure this was I wanted, but then again, there was no better way to get over my fear of organizing people in activities. Also I got to create the poster promoting the event, which made me immensely happy, for this is the first time I’m getting exposure for an official public event.
Tomorrow I’m going to update this post with photos and my opinion on how the event went. For now, I’d like to share the poster promoting the exhibition.

Update #1:

I should say that the opening went quite well. There were more than thirty people and they all seemed to enjoy the event. We had an impromptu speech, and I was content with my part. Here’s an image of my friend volunteering along with me, myself and the curator of the gallery (and a random cameraman):

And here are some photos of the pictures exhibited:



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