Presentation of Dimitrovgrad

I officially hate making presentations. It may look like just clicking and arranging text and images, but when I start paying a tad too much attention to the alignment of images and blocks of text, two and a half hours are guaranteed. However, yesterday I finished a very important one.

In brief, I had been given a task from the municipality to create a presentation with information on Dimitrovgrad Municipality that includes its geographic location, population, industry, recreational recourses, cultural heritage, etc. I was said it was going to act as an extended brochure that will present Dimitrovgrad to foreign people. I was given the information that needed to be included and the current (now obsolete) presentation; I can say the old version was made just for the sake of having something to present in front of foreigners. The reason I laughed the most was that in a list with the names of fourteen banks having offices in Dimitrovgrad, probably six had a mistake in their name (perhaps because no one cared to research the proper spelling). I used PowerPoint 2010 to create the new version, this being my first time using this version of the software (previously I only had experience with PowerPoint 2003), and I was pleased with the quite intuitive user interface.

The main reason I’m writing this post, however, is that I’m so happy with the final result. When I make presentations, I always use one type of background (gradient from white to very light grey), always use dark grey coloration of the fonts (because it matches the main color-scheme of the background much better while not standing out too much, as black does) and always use on type of transition (the next slide rolls over from the top of the screen). Also in the 2010 version there is a feature that makes the images round, thus integrating them more smoothly in the body of the presentation. The effects may be pretty simple, but the consistency in their usage and the fact they are fast and fancy-looking, adds a feel of a product made solid and with care. I always strive to achieve a solid and smooth look when creating a picture in Photoshop, making presentation in PowerPoint, formatting a document in Word, etc.

I am including both versions, the old one and the new one, if somebody would like to judge if what I have written above is true for them, too.



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